I have in stock at most times over 100 different woods and at least one wood from every continent except the Antarctic (which is understandable). Some of the other materials I make pens from are Acrylic, Corian and Trustone all of these are man made and have their own benefits but they are not for everyone.

Where possible I try and source my timber from sustainable sources, I also get some wood from tree surgeons that I will then cut and process from log to finished item which can take as long as 4-5 years.

In some of my product listings you may find terms like birds eye, fiddle back, burr, and rippled these terms relate to the grain of the wood you can find descriptions of the different figures used below.

Birds Eye is a patch of small round eyes normaly only found in Maple


Fiddle back is a form of curly figure exposed by quarter sawing


Burrs are a wart like growth normally found on the root or trunk of the tree. They usually form as the result of injury or infection under the bark, or an unformed bud


Rippled is were the figure has a rippled appearance


Spalting is any form of wood coloration caused by fungi. Although primarily found in dead trees, spalting can also occur under stressed tree conditions or even in living trees


I try to save as much wood as possibles. One case was a ash tree that was been taken down and I asked whether they would mind dropping one of the 8 foot lengths off to me as I could not see it go to waste the pictures and video show how I process it in to usable timber

Milling       Milling